ArmyTrix Mercedes A45 / CLA45 ValveTronic Exhaust System

ArmyTrix Mercedes CLA180/200 ValveTronic Exhaust System

ArmyTrix Mercedes CLA180/200 ValveTronic Exhaust System

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- ArmyTrix Valvetronic Exhaust System technology offers a cutting-edge intelligent ECU exhaust control

- Heat radiated within the engine compartment is reduced. 

- Exhaust note is ehanced to the next level

- Well Known for the High Flow and High Pitch Notes

This Exhaust system will Really show you the potential that lies within, The time is now to make the soundtrack to the best driving experience, The Free flowing Exhaust system generates a smooth exit. Resulting in amplified exhaust notes and elevated performance.

Let The City Streets echo with the Exhaust note that can will be unleashed.

The Exhaust System can be adjusted by a small remote to control the sound and also the exhaust back pressure. This system reduces the weight alot over the standard system, It also Increases the power output of the car for a noticeable enhacnement.


what's Within the package?

1 x Stainless Steel Valve-tronic Catback system

1 x Mid-Pipe

1 x Valvetronic Control Unit

2 x Valvetronic Remote control

1 x Set of Chrome Tips

The Valvetronic Remote Control unit features An easy to use layout.


- Closed mode - The Valves are closed for quiet driving
- Automatic Mode - The Intelligent System Detects by RPM when to open the valves
- Open mode - The Valves are fully open Unleashing All noise

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Material Stainless
Make/ Model MERCEDES A45 CLA45 AMG
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